Friday, March 27, 2009

The Mystery of the Disappearing and Contaminating Soda

OK, so the other day I found part of a OLD 12-pack (maybe 6 cans) of "Sprite Re-mix" non-diet soda tucked away in a nook/cranny in our RV. All the totally sealed cans were low on soda, from 1/4 to up to 90% I'd say. I looked at the bottom of a can, and the expiration date was 2004. So I open the sodas to dump the remaining down the drain, to find some soda was perfectly clear while others were opaque and gelatinous, while still others had a bunch of black goo chunks!

One notable observation, was that there was a tremendous amount of palmetto bug/ cockroach poop in the cardboard carton. Is it POSSIBLE that such bugs have a way to actually penetrate the aluminum can with a minute hole to suck out the soda, and this is how the cans emptied and got contaminated??? This is a very big mystery to me. Any ideas???

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