Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Came Close To Eating Dog Treats Thinking It Was People Food!!!

At Big Lots we bought 2 packs of Cloud Star brand Pork Jerky Strips for $1.25 each. I fully thought it was human food, because there is no large print on the front (or back) labelling saying it was for dogs. In large print it says "Tender Jerky Strips" and "Pork" at the bottom (

Only after my son noticed it had "crude protein guaranteed analysis" on the back, did we get concerned about eating them. Then (before eating) we finally noticed in the fine print on the front of the bag it said "Treats for Dogs"!!!

Those buffoons at Cloud Star are lucky we actually have a dog, or I would have been doubly upset.


arcturus88 said...

im surprised you didnt just try them out of curiousity.

Aufgeblassen said...

What color is your dookie???