Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Came Close To Eating Dog Treats Thinking It Was People Food!!!

At Big Lots we bought 2 packs of Cloud Star brand Pork Jerky Strips for $1.25 each. I fully thought it was human food, because there is no large print on the front (or back) labelling saying it was for dogs. In large print it says "Tender Jerky Strips" and "Pork" at the bottom (

Only after my son noticed it had "crude protein guaranteed analysis" on the back, did we get concerned about eating them. Then (before eating) we finally noticed in the fine print on the front of the bag it said "Treats for Dogs"!!!

Those buffoons at Cloud Star are lucky we actually have a dog, or I would have been doubly upset.

Outlaw Bad Urinal Designs NOW!

There should be a law against bad urinal designs. You know, the kind that it is impossible to pee without getting splashed back, no matter how low you try to restrict the flow to minimize splashback.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Mystery of the Disappearing and Contaminating Soda

OK, so the other day I found part of a OLD 12-pack (maybe 6 cans) of "Sprite Re-mix" non-diet soda tucked away in a nook/cranny in our RV. All the totally sealed cans were low on soda, from 1/4 to up to 90% I'd say. I looked at the bottom of a can, and the expiration date was 2004. So I open the sodas to dump the remaining down the drain, to find some soda was perfectly clear while others were opaque and gelatinous, while still others had a bunch of black goo chunks!

One notable observation, was that there was a tremendous amount of palmetto bug/ cockroach poop in the cardboard carton. Is it POSSIBLE that such bugs have a way to actually penetrate the aluminum can with a minute hole to suck out the soda, and this is how the cans emptied and got contaminated??? This is a very big mystery to me. Any ideas???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why Can't Volkswagen Come Up With Decent Names For Their Vehicles???

Saw a cute little new SUV by VW. I thought the Toureg was a really rediculous name, and now they come out with the Tiguan??? Are they nuts in the naming department or what?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Embryonic Stem Cell Research; The FAKE Controversy

There is no real controversy about embryonic stem cell research; because to say an embryo is a person or a human being is perfectly identical to saying an egg is a chicken or a chicken is an egg. No, a chicken is a chicken, and an egg is an egg. They are two totally separate entities. End of controversy!

Furthermore, one absolutely must distinguish between a human (i.e. a complete human being) and human tissue. Cancer in the human body is indeed human tissue, but you'd hardly consider such substance a person, right?

Lastly, A complete human being consists of body (i.e. the biomass part), mind (i.e. chemo-electrical contents of the brain), and soul (i.e. one's personality). An embryo has a greatly incomplete body, no mind, and no soul; therefore falls massively short of being considered a "person".

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Idea To Bring Unemployment Rate Down To Zero

All the government needs to do is shut down every single traffic light in the country, and replace them with (hired) humans with whistles and big STOP signs to direct traffic. This idea could work to bring back the economy. Does anybody know the e-mail address for the White House, so I can tell Barack about this ingenious plan?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Don't Care How Many People Are In Your Family!!!

What is with these people that put either two larger stick figures along with X number of smaller stick figures or two larger flip flops with X number of smaller flip flops on their vehicle's back window? Guess what? I really don't care how many people dwell in your household! End of story.