Sunday, March 15, 2009

Embryonic Stem Cell Research; The FAKE Controversy

There is no real controversy about embryonic stem cell research; because to say an embryo is a person or a human being is perfectly identical to saying an egg is a chicken or a chicken is an egg. No, a chicken is a chicken, and an egg is an egg. They are two totally separate entities. End of controversy!

Furthermore, one absolutely must distinguish between a human (i.e. a complete human being) and human tissue. Cancer in the human body is indeed human tissue, but you'd hardly consider such substance a person, right?

Lastly, A complete human being consists of body (i.e. the biomass part), mind (i.e. chemo-electrical contents of the brain), and soul (i.e. one's personality). An embryo has a greatly incomplete body, no mind, and no soul; therefore falls massively short of being considered a "person".

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