Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Is A "Sport"???

OK, a sport is a game, such as baseball, football, tiddlywinks, etc.

But the word itself is trying to mean too many things to too many people (i.e. has too many definitions), which befuddles me!!!

For instance: why are certain articles of clothing called "sport jacket" or "sport coat", when you NEVER see them worn during any actual sport??? Is it because they are CHEAP (compared to a "suit")???

This brings us to an apparent other definition: in the automotive industry, "sport" does indeed mean cheap (in most cases), such as having a painted plastic bumper instead of chrome, 2 doors instead of 4 and a shorter wheelbase (such as in the Explorer photo), vinyl seats or vinyl floor instead or cloth seats or a carpeted floor.

But in European vehicles, the opposite is true as far as what "sport" means. There, it is usually a more expensive vehicle (i.e. more luxurious), or has a more powerful engine, further confusing the definition.

Then there is me: I often "sport" while bantering about theism/super-naturalism. Further adding yet another definition!

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arcturus88 said...

yes, manipulate the meanings of words, you manipulate people.