Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Look, Same Old Blog!

Yeah, this is the same old blog, so don't worry!


arcturus88 said...

i cant read the verbiage on your head, it blends in and is too small. make the picture of your face smaller please.

arcturus88 said...

"So-called "blogging" is dumb, stupid, weird, idiotic and nincompoopy. My goal to to end all unneccessary blogging. It is one thing, if you you are famous, and hundreds read what you say, but if you are a nobody, nobody cares about your 2 cents!!!"

how do you know nobody cares. i care about what you write, presumably you care about what i write...what else do you expect

Aufgeblassen said...

I meant for the most part, nobody cares, besides a select few.