Saturday, August 8, 2009

Feces Removal Simulation

The Feces Removal Training model
This model simulates patients who are having difficulty going to the bathroom by themselves. The removal of simulated feces can be practiced by digital insertion. The trainee inserts the attached simulated feces into the intestines and removes it from the anus with proper technique (it’s all about technique people).

What comes with your kit: Main body (1 piece), Enemator (1 piece), Drainage tube (1 piece), Intestine cap (1 piece), Sheet-with base (1 piece), Feces Set-soft 15g, hard 2 pcs (1 set). Spares: Simulated Feces Set: soft 150g, hard 2 pcs. (Wiping your extra large Ken’s butt: Priceless!).

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