Monday, July 6, 2009

What Is The Point?

What is the point of having ridiculously gaudy tire rims on a car, pickup, van or SUV (unless you are a pimp)??? I'll tell you - there is none. These true buffoons spend an ungodly amount of money on tires and rims, and the result is:

(a) tire tread life is greatly reduced from normal tires, and
(b) replacement tires cost WAY more than normal tires, and
(c) they end up with a way poorer ride than normal tires

Ideally, cars should have:

12" rims for a sub-compact car.
13" rims for a compact car.
14" rims for a mid-size car.
15" rims for the largest of cars/pickups (such as Lincoln Town Cars, and full size pickups).

Straying from these guidelines is quite foolish and just plain dumb!

1 comment:

prometheus33 said...

I fully concur. Pimps need gawdy rims.