Thursday, April 2, 2009

Being Against Abortion = Being FOR The Bastardization of the Population

If you are against zygotic or fetal abortion in all cases, it means you are undeniably FOR the bastardization of the population.

There are WAY too many births presented by unwed mothers in the USA.

The 1st line of defense is pregnancy prevention. If you are for pregnancy prevention for unwed females, then you are hypocritical, plain and simple, if you are against the 2nd line of defense: abortion.

In addition, unwed motherhood certainly leads to significantly increased poverty and crime. You are effectively for those too, if you are against all abortion.

It is time to be pragmatic, people!


arcturus88 said...

abortions are readily available today. yet still there are an abundant number of unwed mothers. presumably they know they could have gotten an abortion and yet didnt. therefore your argument does not solve the problem it sets out to.

we are a pro-abortion nation yet unwed pregnancies abound.

so now what?

Aufgeblassen said...

Yeah, well the oct-mom is a perfect example of the abusing the privilege of motherhood. In many, many cases they have no business having a child (i.e. don't have a pot to piss in). Just because you can have a child, does not mean you should. Humans are not rabbits after all.

prometheus33 said...

"Humans are not rabbits". Hmmm... sounds like a very un-Darwinian thing to say.