Friday, February 27, 2009

What Is "Male Pattern Baldness"

Why don't they just call it "male baldness"??? I be very confused.


arcturus88 said...

it means there is a pattern to the baldness. it does not thin the same throughout. it thins along this pattern. males thin this way. womens hair thins in a different pattern, which is not typical of how mens "pattern of baldness". in other words and to wit. men tend to bald in a particular pattern, so it has been termed "male pattern baldness" as opposed to uniform baldness which wold be balding everywhere. if you didnt have that helmet-head wig of hair, youd understand.

Aufgeblassen said...

Hey, I provide stiff competition for Rod Blagoyevich!!!

Alfred said...

Male Pattern Hair Loss is the most common type of hair loss in men. This is caused by genetic pre-disposition and can affect male in any age after puberty. With male pattern hair loss, your hair begins to thin at the temples and at the crown. As time goes on, the hair at the temples recedes further, leaving a central spur of hair at the front, and an increasing bald spot at the crown.