Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jordan Almonds

I vividly remember Jordan Almonds from circa mid 1960's.

The old apartment building in the Chicago area we lived in (which my family owned) used coal to heat the boiler, which provided hot water to apt. faucets and the cast iron radiators for room heating.

I remember the sooty old coal bin area in part of the garage, whereby you shovel it into your coal bucket, and then dump it into the hopper which crushed the coal, before feeding it into the fire. We also burned much of building's trash there too. You also had to regularly with a grabber type tool pull out the "clinkers", put them in a metal trash can, and then bring them to the alley in the back when they cooled enough for garbage pickup.

Anywho, I remember jordan almonds on my grandparents coffee table in a round plastic container that were given as a gift at Xmas time from the company that delivered coal to the building.

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